Scierie Crisswood SAM MK 17 Units of (CE) Sawmills!! neuve

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Cette annonce vous intéresse ?
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108 290 €
Prix net HT
≈ 112 000 $US
≈ 1 147 000 MAD
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Marque Crisswood
Modèle SAM MK 17 Units of (CE) Sawmills!!
Type scierie
Année 2022
Poids net à vide 480 kg
Localisation Pologne Koszelówka
Mise en ligne plus d'un mois
Agriline ID ZP23699
Dimensions hors-tout 6 m × 1.9 m × 1.9 m
Puissance 10.2 ch (7.5 kW)
Carburant électro
État neuf
Informations supplémentaires
Couleur vert
Informations supplémentaires
Would like to become a distributor of the European brand of sawmills?
Our machines are located on 3 continents.
Thanks to its reliability and simple self-repair design, we quickly gain recognition from customers around the world.
CrissWood Sawmills have been tested in all climatic conditions!

Contact with us to be one of the owners 17 units of SAM MK 2006 CrissWood sawmills of European production available for 66 300 euro !!!

Sawmill CrissWood Type: SAM MK 2006 STATIONARY

*The price does not include VAT and customs duties.

Our basic model is a perfect tool for both amateurs working with wood and professionals looking for a solid structure for their factory. We believe that every non-urban household should have such a wonder in their backyard! All our sawmills have electric quick sawhead (Up/Down) mechanism!
Efficient 7.5 kW motor, water solenoid valve, and a 35 mm blade allow you to cut logs with a diameter of up to 960 mm. The processing will be facilitated by the electric cutting thickness setting mechanism, and the solid two-sided structure ensure maximum safety during work.

Technical specification:
- 7,5 kW motor
- electrical adjustment of cutting thickness
- cutting width 85 cm
- stable double-sided construction
- length of the track 540cm with possibility of extension
- smooth start mechanism
The kit includes a pressure, swivel, mounting claws, 5 saws.

It is possible to order the sawmill in the "E" version. E SAM MK in addition to standard equipment also has an electrical feed and cutting thickness programmer. Installation of additional systems will greatly speed up your work!

Each sawmill produced by us passes a series of tests. Control cuts made on different types of wood allow you to carry out a full adjustment of components. You get a ready-to-work machine, thanks to which you can easily create boards, countertops, beams or even houses!

The bandsaw has a certificate issued by the Wood Technology Institute - Poznan: Wood Industry Products Certification Center.
Each machine comes with a manual and the EC Declaration of Conformity.

The sawmill SAM MK 2006 is covered by a 12-month warranty (excluding parts subject to wear - rollers, bearings, belts).

The warranty for the engines (our partner - Omec Motors) is 3 years.

In addition, we offer a sharpener and a cleaver for band saw blades.

Sharpener for borazon stone with a diameter of 203mm.
Specifications of the sharpener:
- length of the sharpened bandsaw blades: from 3000 to 5600mm
- width of sharpened band saw blades: from 20 to 60mm
- height of sharpened teeth: from 4 to 15mm
- pitch of sharpened teeth: 22,225mm
- rake angle range: from 0 degrees to 20 degrees
- Sharpening speed: from 0 to 60 teeth/min
- motor: 0,55kW/400V
- Borazon grinding wheel: 203x22,2x32
- Weight of the sharpener: 78kg


The pusher has two built-in sensors that automatically measure the tooth opening during the operation of the pusher. Thanks to this tooth setting in band saws is easy and fast.

Specifications of the pusher:
- setting size: up to 1.2 mm per side
- setting accuracy: +/- 0.01 mm
- working speed: 90 teeth/minute
- width of saw blades: from 20 to 60 mm
- tooth pitch: 22.225 mm
- saw blade length: from 3000 to 5600 mm
- saw blade thickness: up to 1.25 mm
- total weight: 35 kg

Price for electric version: 1500 EUR + VAT
Price for the version with crank: 900 EUR + VAT

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Werden Sie Distributor der europäischen Sägewerksmarke! Unsere Maschinen befinden sich auf 3 Kontinenten.
Dank seiner Zuverlässigkeit und seines einfachen Selbstreparaturdesigns werden wir von Kunden auf der ganzen Welt schnell anerkannt.
CrissWood Sawmills wurden unter allen klimatischen Bedingungen getestet!

Kontaktieren Sie uns, um Eigentümer zu werden 17x SAM MK 2006 CrissWood Sägewerke europäischer Produktion für 66 300 Euro erhältlich !!!

Sägewerk CrissWood Typ: SAM MK 2006 STATIONARY

- 7,5 kW Motor
- elektrische Einstellung der Schnittdicke,
- Schnittbreite 96 cm,
- stabile doppelseitige Konstruktion,
- 6 m Gleislänge mit Verlängerungsmöglichkeit,

Enthält Klemme, Rotor, Reißzähne, 5 Sägen.
Wir bereiten Anweisungen in Ihrer Sprache vor, falls wir noch keine haben.

*Der Preis beinhaltet keine Mehrwertsteuer und Zölle.
Zostań dystrybutorem europejskiej marki pilarek taśmowych! Nasze maszyny znajdują się na 3 kontynentach.
Dzięki swojej niezawodności i prostemu projektowi samonaprawy szybko zyskujemy uznanie klientów na całym świecie.
Tartaki CrissWood zostały przetestowane w każdych warunkach klimatycznych!

Skontaktuj się z nami aby być właścicielem 17 x SAM MK 2006 Pilarek CrissWood europejskiej produkcji dostępne za 66 300 euro !!!

Pilarka Taśmowa CrissWood Typ: SAM MK 2006 STACJONARNY

- Silnik 7,5 kW
- elektryczna regulacja grubości cięcia,
- szerokość cięcia 96 cm,
- stabilna dwustronna konstrukcja,
- długość toru 6 m z możliwością przedłużenia,

Zawiera, zacisk, rotor, kły, 5 pił.
Przygotujemy instrukcję w Twoim języku, jeśli jeszcze jej nie mamy.

*Cena nie zawiera podatku VAT i cła.
L'offre est présentée uniquement à titre informatif. Veuillez contacter le vendeur pour plus d'informations.
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